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SolmaneLecanth 07-16-2014 09:28 AM

crits needed on my webcomics :D
Apples & Swords is the name i decided to be for my long-dreamed comics. I've always dreamed of creating a name under which i fell comfortable with presenting my various works, shorts or long story-driven ones
I'd waited so long convincing myself that i'm not ready for it yet, but i finally came over that "pursuit of perfection" and decided to start it and learn as i go, no matter how ridiculous i may look
You can say that A&S is like a comic anthology, with various kinds of comic genres and storylines published online, and of course there are outline philosophy that limits what's going on inside A&S, cuz i don't wanna make it my "random stuff archive" also
Now, i'm in the sake of any kind of advice, check out the links below and smite with your Crit-Hammer :slap:, According to your experienced eyes.. what do you think of A&S in general? what are your first impressions? what are my strength and weakness points? what about the inking, the coloring, does my colors comfort your eyes or does it strike'em? (i use a "Da Vinci" 0 size brush, a "Van Gogh" 3 size for inking, photoshop for coloring and lettering)
what do you think about the way the events are introduced in the comics? and how did they make you feel? what comics that would develop my senses if i read? what tutorials/links would do you refer? what about the way i represent it through the blog.. etc? :)

The Links:

A&S Main
- on Facebook - on Twitter - on DeviantArt

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