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It's not INTENSE, it's EXTREME

First time writing a pitch, but here it goes.....

Kid Intense II: Extreme Intensity

Written by: Timothy Gula

Audience: Mature

Tag line: It's not INTENSE, it's EXTREME


Unknown to Richard Kane, the sky diamond that granted him his INTENSE powers was just one of two large shards of a much bigger diamond that broke apart on entry to Earths atmosphere showering the globe. At the same time that Richard was being transformed into Kid Intense, another shard struck troubled teenage Industrial Metal enthusiast Max Johnson. Max, finding himself gifted with the same incredible powers as Richard, took on a very different view for the use of his powers. Patching together a costume of his own design to reflect his hardcore extremeness and donning a pair of goggles to hide his identity, Max became EXTREME TEEN and began wrecking havoc up and down the coast, finally setting his sights on the city of Eastburg.

KID INTENSE and EXTREME TEEN clash on a number of occasions and they find themselves evenly matched in power. Richard's innocence proves to be his down fall in every encounter as EXTREME TEEN always bests him and gets away. One day Richard arrives home after a hard day of school and crime fighting to find his hot super model mother in the living room, and she is not alone. Richard's mother introduces him to her new boyfriend, a younger man that she met on one of her modeling photo shoots, and none other then Max Johnson. The two have been dating for several weeks and Ms. Kane informs Richard and his sister Carmen that Max will be moving in with them. Both Richard and Max become instantly aware of the others alter ego as they sense the same diamond power in each other. Max is amused by this turn of events, while Richard is devastated that his mother won't listen to the truth about Max.

Richard's world falls apart over the following months as the dastardly villain EXTREME TEEN pollutes the minds, and corrupts the souls of those he loves with his music and way of life. Max quickly turns Ms. Kane and Carmen against Richard by introducing them to alternative lifestyles, the most profane being mother/daughter 3 way sex sessions. Hurt, alone, and routinely publicly beaten as KID INTENSE, Richard feels helpless and makes the decision to quit being a super hero.

Richard stops responding to the Mayor's calls, even the simple bank robbery goes without the intervention of KID INTENSE, until one day the Mayor frantically begs Richard to see him as he has accidentally stumbled upon something very disturbing. Reluctantly Richard meets with the Mayor and is shown a web site featuring the special sessions that his mother and Carmen partake of starring an all too familiar goggle wearing villain that has been plaguing the city. Enraged by the disgusting and embarrassing exploitation of his mother and sister, Richard vows to redeem them and flies off for one last showdown with his arch nemesis EXTREME TEEN.

The fight is long and bloody demolishing half of the city as the two super powered titans clash. With KID INTENSES innocence now lost, replaced with pure rage, EXTREME TEEN falls for the first time. KID INTENSE, determined to put end to EXTREME TEENS influence is about to cross the line between hero and villain but hesitates when hearing Carmen beg him not to become the very thing he hates. In that moment KID INTENSE walks away from a battered and barely conscious EXTREME TEEN to repair the damage done to his family and restore the values they once held.
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