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Originally Posted by MBirkhofer View Post
it is a clearly disproportional risk however. Its like saying we dont need child labor laws, because if kids are willing to work, its on them.
"buyer beware" is simply not valid in a digital world. Its too easy to make a fake accounts, fake ids.

No accountability will equal massive fraud. And then no one will be able to use it, once its reputation is ruined. We all use Amazon, because we trust it.
Kickstarter really needs to step up and start enforcing some real control over what they allow.
Exactly. It's only going to take one class action suit against kickstarter to end this kind of thing forever, and IMO such a lawsuit is long overdue. I appreciate that for someone who is responsible and conscientious like Renae, who will work hard to fulfill her reward promises, it's not free money.

But people like Renae aren't the problem. The problem is scammers who never had any intention of fulfilling their reward obligations in the first place.

And as you say, it's pretty easy for them to switch up IDs and go to the well again and again. IMO, KS as it is currently constituted has no hope of long-term survival. Even having said all that, I think it's potentially a great tool. I just think the risk of it collapsing will be decreased if it is used for what it was originally intended for: funding small projects. It was never intended to be used as alternative funding for multi-million dollar movies and video games, and expanding into that area is going to lead to its downfall, IMO.
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