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You need to think about the bleed and trim area on your cover the same as on interior pages.

Judging by the screenshot, you're working with 6.875x10.4375" (or 10.5") document size.

Your bleed area is 0.125" on each side. That's getting trimmed off leaving you with a visible 6.625x10.1875" (or 10.25") as the final dimensions.

All vital information including logo and cover dress should be inside your live area. To be safe make it a centered 6x9.4375" (or 9.5")

You CAN have cover dress elements peek outside the live area and onto the trim area, but don't chance it too much. when the bleed area gets trimmed off you'll hardly ever get a 100% perfect trim on an entire print run. Those cuts can be a little off meaning stuff on your trim area will be cut off in unintended places.

Right now it looks like your cover will be trimmed such:

Left: Right on the left stroke of the barcode box.

Top: Somewhere on the black strip right above BLACK PYRAMID STUDIOS and trimming off a bit of the stamp.

RIGHT: On the outline of the S in the logo.

Bottom: Half of the space between the document border and the barcode box.

There are also some tangents in the logo caused by the outlines, particularly between OF and PACIFICA. I'd suggest making their outlines as big as in GUARDIANS and combining them all into one, as if the letters are sitting on a plate. The placeholders left and right of OF should have the same dimensions and also be integrated into this overall outline.

Ditch the slim wedges in the M and N outlines, and move the upper corner of the M outline up until those lines are parallel to the M's diagonal lines.

You could also nudge the P and A a little to the right for more even letter spacing.
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