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Originally Posted by pandayboss View Post
Looking good!! Love it ALL!
Huge thanks, pb. Very much appreciated!
I've been a fan for awhile now, so I'm admittedly giddy you'd say that!

If you like my lettering, I'll offer you some free work. Seriously! 10 pages free.

A prestigious start to a portfolio!

Originally Posted by Neil Allen View Post
The second image looks pretty good, although I think I would go with a bit of a smaller font. What size are you using?
It's definitely too big. I tried to eyeball the size, and failed. It's weird, but the wrong size didn't hit me until I posted it here. Prolly a dictionary example of a noobie mistake.

Originally Posted by Neil Allen View Post
Also, putting that balloon that says, "He's more of a father to me than my own," above the text that comes before that part... that's not something I would do, because it can confuse readability, but I guess you can do that. But I wouldn't do something like that unless I absolutely had to.
That whole section of the script was really challenging, but made moreso due to the font size problem. I'm going to have another go at this page.

Originally Posted by Neil Allen View Post
And in the first panel, I don't think I would have the balloons positioned so far away from the speakers. Is there any particular reason why you wanted to have the balloons way up in that ceiling area?
My rational was a design choice. All the other panels were pretty verbose, and as a result, I floated the dialog to the top of each panel to squeeze it all in. Visually, the first panel, since it was not as verbose as the others, looked off, sorta an odd-panel-out visually, with the dialog nestled inside. I chose to take it out to the edge in order to visually match the other panels... it just looked better to my eye, i.e. all the panels looked consistent.

I'm learning is the shorter answer!

Originally Posted by Neil Allen View Post
On the third one, I'm personally not a fan of the tails on some of the balloons.
Fair enough. I really like a lot of the interesting lettering I'm seeing online. The balloons and tails are visually striking to an old guy like me so used to print comics. Admittedly, I'm not successfully reproducing the tail work that I admire (I'd love to get some Illustrator lessons from some of these artists!), but with practice/trial/error I know I can get there. Once I do, maybe then you'll change your tune?

That said, you've made a good point if I want to get work professionally. Maybe I should stick to more traditional balloons/tails if I want to break into the biz.

Thanks a metric sh*t-ton for the constructive criticism Neil. Your time and effort are greatly appreciated. Your post was a great learning moment for me!

P.S. Just checked out your site, and it's super cool! I look forward to reading it from the beginning! Thanks again!
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