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Originally Posted by davidj28 View Post
Just read through this and my first impressions are the colors are amazing, the backgrounds remind me of Kirby and it reminds me of Power rangers, Transformers and several other series from when I was a kid so great for nostalgia.
Thank you. That's actually one of the best compliments I've gotten about this project, because that's exactly what I've been going for! It really says something to me when someone is nostalgic for something that didn't even exist during the era they are nostalgic for.

I want the project to have the fun feel of kids action programs from the '80s and '90s, but with more depth, and intelligent storytelling than most, because I also want adults to enjoy the project, especially those who grew up with 80s and 90s cartoons.

Power Rangers is definitely a huge inspiration here, and I hear the Jack Kirby comparison often, so I guess his influence comes through pretty clearly in my work. I'm honored to be compared to him. I also hear Sailor Moon, and that is an inspiration, too. Some of the backgrounds in the original Sailor Moon anime are AMAAAAAAAAAZING watercolor pieces, and I often look to them for inspiration:

I mean, I could just post these all day long, they're so pretty.

I'm really glad you like my coloring. I put a lot of care and thought into it, and it's a very fun and important part of the process for me. I think the coloring lends strongly toward giving this series a distinct identity.

Thanks a lot for reading and commenting. I'm very happy you're enjoying the project!
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