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I've revisited some pages from chapter 1 and redid them.

First, the cover image. I actually did not redraw this. I didn't feel the need to. Rather, I just changed a couple things and added some details in the line work and coloring. The changes aren't major, but they make a difference. This piece was primarily colored with Winsor and Newton Pro Markers and Prismacolor markers and lined with Micron technical pens and Pigma Professional Brush Pens. The "Zatswan" logo was done by me in Adobe Illustrator... though, I did sketch it out on a piece of paper first.

Here is the new one:

For comparison, here is what it used to look like:

Moving on, the first page of Chapter 1 was entirely redone. The new one was lined with a dip pen and Higgins Black Magic ink, and Steadtler Triplus Fineliners for colored lines. It was colored primarily with C'Aran Dache Museum Aquarelle watercolor pencils. So, those are some of the tools I use often these days.

For comparison, the first page used to look like this:

I redid page 17 of chapter 1 as well. Chapter 1 of Multiversal Guardian was extremely experimental in that I didn't know what medium I wanted to use, what paper I wanted to work on, how I wanted to display things like energy, and even how to portray some of the characters. I figured all that stuff out just by doing it instead of deliberating on all of that beforehand, and it's still like that, really. I'm still trying new things, like papers and supplies, but I have a better idea on how I want my characters to look. For example, I decided that I drew the main character, A.C. Cooper, too small in chapter 1, so in chapter 2 he was bulked up quite a bit, which is how I draw him now. I felt that was a more... exciting, aesthetic look for something like this. You can really see the comparison in these pages.

New version:

Old version:

Also, here are larger versions of the "Zatswan: Multiversal Guardian" logo that I never posted here:

I will continue to go back and redo pages from Chapter 1 when I feel like it, but that certainly doesn't mean Chapter 3 pages won't be posted soon.
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