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Originally Posted by arseneau77
I'm a little confused by #9 -- what's the aesthetic and/or functional purpose of the middle four panels, where the three to the right are identical? Is it just to give the impression of movement through the tunnel? If so, couldn't this have been better accomplished by having something on the wall that the light is hitting change slightly in each panel? Personally I think that page works with only the first and last panels but maybe I'm missing something obvious...
Well, since I edited the book that #9 came from I can 100% tell you what the intent there was. The over-the-shoulder viewpoint makes the reader a passenger on the bike. What we're doing is showing a routine monotony, this kid rides into the tunnel every night. The subsequent panels could all be from one night, they can be from past nights, it really doesn't matter. It's just always THE SAME. Until he sees a guy in a wolfman mask.
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