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I went through all my earlier work (the chapter 1 stuff you will find on page 1 of this thread) and revised all the pages, which was a big job. I've been working on it off and on for the past... maybe two weeks.

I de-saturated the colors, so they're not blaring, and changed some of the coloring on the physical original pages. I changed the gutters on the pages. Many of them are still colored, but I learned that to do colored gutters well (in my opinion, at least), it's best to do either very light colors or very dark. The comic is still colorful, I think it always will be, but the colors are a lot softer and less offensive.

I fixed anatomy issues. At least the ones I found. Of course, I redid the cover for chapter 1, which I did a while ago. I uploaded all the files again and overwrote the old ones, so the new ones are the ones that will be there in this thread ... unless the old ones are still appearing in your browser's cache, in which case you'd need to delete your history.

Just to give a visual idea of what went on, here's a back to back comparison of the old version versus the new version of an especially colorful page:



As I was going through the thread again, I don't think I came across as grateful for the feedback some left as I should have. It was good feedback, and I do listen to it, and it's helpful and informative. I might not act on ALL of it, but it's good to hear other perspectives. Speaking of which...

As for the lettering, I did not do anything to that, because, I ... honestly don't really have a problem with it. I approached three other people and asked them if they had an issue with it, and they didn't. I understand where some are coming from, though. I mean, maybe I could get it to look better, but I'm okay with it as it is. As for hand lettering the whole comic... I would have to experiment and see how much more time that would take, and what it would look like. Maybe I will see one of these days.
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