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Originally Posted by SSTiger View Post
A suggestion:

If proper details are sent with every story we won't need signatures on every page. Use a format like this, for example:

And so on for Inks, Colors, Letters.

If there is more than one artist involved, it should be done the same -

Since we are doing a detailed credits page, this information needs to be present along with each story, because we don't want to miss giving credit to someone who worked on the project.

P.S: The DW Username is only for information purposes, and doesn't need to be a part of the pdf's credits page.

Done this way, the Contents/Credits page will have all the details on who did what.

that all makes perfect sense. as long as everyone at the very least puts their names on page 1 of their story, that works. and a credits page with all the info on it at the opening of the book, like the inside cover will do it as well.
so yeah...not exactly everyone signing every page... just identifiable somehow.
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