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That you for the compliment.

You are not alone in thinking this is out of character, Rob. However. this is Daredevil currently.

Well, it seems Daredevilís secret identity has been exposed yet again. Again, because this is not the first, second or third time. Stan and Gene Colan did this first in the 60s. At that time, his ID was saved by introducing Mattís previously unknown twin brother, Mike Murdock. Yes, it was really Matt, but Mike was so carefree and arrogant, everyone believed it.

So back to today, Matt is disbarred from practicing law in New York. He moves to San Francisco (a city heís been to before) and writes a book. He seems to adopt this devil suit for branding purposes to sell the book. Hard to believe Mark Waid wrote this. He fights crime as a hero and a lawyer in this outfit. Matt see no reason to wear a mask anymore.

He shows up in court very cocky, after having fought street crime in this suit. One can only imagine how funky and smelly it was. Totally out of character for Matt and pretty much fully Mike Murdock!

Daredevil #14 hit the stands just as the Daredevil Netflix series hit the air. We wonít have to suffer the Murdevil for long. Now that it is a hit, we canít have this version of Daredevil in the books, so Marvel will be reverting back to the regular Daredevil with a secret identity. How? Weíll find out.
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