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But how would she have felt if the trailer played up the love story that is supposedly at the core of AVATAR instead of just previewing the "look" of the film?

That's why LOST works for me. Those guys spent a year making us fall in love/hate with the characters before they started easing us into the sci-fi elements of the show. I'm not sure I would have liked it otherwise, and by the time everyone was jumping through time I was already committed.

For me, (and I say this as a guy who's had two pitches rejected, keep that in mind) the best pitches are always those that focus on character first. What is their personal journey? If I were Chris (and I'm not, keep that in mind too) I would be turned on by the pitches that focused on that because, frankly, if you have an emotional core to your story the sci-fi elements can be built around that. It doesn't work the other way around.

There. Maybe that will start a little debate. LOL.
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