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Originally Posted by slyaguilar View Post
I'm curious to see what your inks look like on an artist that isn't so cross hatch heavy. I would choose a more slick looking artist to ink if you're just starting out ( I don't know how long you've been inking sorry)
Artists like Jim Lee, Greg Capullo or Dave Finch are extremely difficult to ink because they leave a lot of stuff for the inker to embellish.

You've added cross hatching on this where there was only straight lines indicated by the artist, it's making it look more cluttered than it needs to be. Keep to what the penciler intended for the most part.
My goal for this experiment was to try to use the cross hatching to try to change Lee's art to add more of a grey-scale look.Even if it did not succeed trying my way of rendering on Lee hopefully gained knowledge I can try on my own pencils. I also tried out sketchbook on this piece so I learned the capabilities of a new software. The next rendering will be over my own work. If I was actually inking Lee I would follow his pencils making only minor changes. Reading about inkers, most if they have the chance will contact pencillers because there is some parts that are not obvious how to ink. There were some lines that indicated a grey area that could have been meant to be black especially on the lower left leg. Finch may be an interesting subject, however his pencils are so explicit, they are like inks. His line weights are very specific.
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