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The thing I had the hardest time with was the overuse of cursing and the use of symbols to create such. It's like putting a road block in your dialogue every time you've incorporated them. I find, in order to make the dialogue sound real, you either need to use the actual words (as is the case with many titles now), come close to actually printing the word ("sh*t" or "b*tch", for example) or completely replace the word with something more socially acceptable, like "frig" instead of "fuck". Don't replace all but one letter in the word with a symbol. In the script, it looks ridiculous, but on the comic page, it's unacceptable.

Unless you're writing a Q*bert comic, of course.

Every good story must accomplish two goals: Convey information effectively and incite an emotional response. If one or both of these are lacking, the story won't keep the attention of your audience.
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