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Silvertongue DA: Space Time District Attorney (New Manga)

Silvertongue Hernandez DA
Space-Time District Attorney

Hi guys! Chris Mullins (manga artist) and myself, have been working for the past two years on a Manga of our own. It's called "Silvertongue Hernandez, DA". It's about time-travelling lawyers in space! very much inspired in heist-like films, like Inception.

These are both Hernandez (lawyer) and Indio (side-kick lawyer). We'll be presenting more characters as we go along.

The main character, Hernandez, (a.k.a. Silvertongue) is kind of an ass-hole, he's hot-headded, witted, a womanizer, and pretty much a wise ass. Kindof like the Dr. House of lawyers. Always right. Always an asshole. The manga is about a rat-pack like group of lawyers who travel in time to re-do Trials of the Century to re-shape history and create a parallel universe where humans have evolved much better, much faster, in order to win a War in a very distant future against aliens who plan on hi-jacking planet Earth for itís resources.

Chris is a great indie manga artist, and I'm more in the animation/film vfx/videogame industries. Chris designed the characters and is working on the full of the visuals of the manga, I wrote the story and have just begun a blog on my Tumblr talking about the processes of making my first manga. Very cool!! Here are some images of Chris Mullin's work below and his blog

I have directed a few films in the past, one called Ela in Love at First Byte which got into Slamdance plus am working on a videogame called Tough Coded. Silvertongue Hernandez is one of the various self-funded, self-distributed projects I'm working on these days...

We'll be posting more art, sketches, thumbnails and inspirationals alongside posters in this thread here, but you can keep track of our work on our official facebook pages and twitters, tumblrs, etc. here:
Facebook Page

Also this is Chris Mullin's personal blog

Hope you like it!
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