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Originally Posted by artsnake View Post
Yes it is digital inking. for all the free hand stuff I used a program called Mypaint which is pretty simple but has a very good, maybe the best, brush engine and has a good feel with the tablet. I use Krita for the more technical things.
As far as inking, I learned this from comic strip artists, I did one character at a time. I started with the guy with the hair and the other characters the same. Then I did the out side back grounds then inside and finished with spotting back ground blacks in panels that looked like they needed it. I feel that this really helped because there were fewer inconsistencies. Like the guy with the hair, I figured out how to do the hair or the cut of his suit or what ever and repeat it while it is fresh in my mind. It helped me feel much more satisfied with the finish and was much quicker for me with a lot less feeling like I have to fix things at the end.
Thanks again
Oh wow! I actually just used sketchbook for all my digital inking. I've never tried out other programs but I downloaded Gymp. I've looked around it and saw that I'm not familiar with some of the icons and don't know what they're used for. So I decided to myself why complicate things. Lol. I know eveything has to be learned from the start but I have so much stuff to do and I'm old school, might as well just crank up what I can do first and get some things done. Haha.

I've seen some digital inkers create layers for each input, say hair. This way when they want to change hairs all of a suddedn they just open the hair layer and just fix it as required without touching other layers etc. I started doing this approach on my inking and really helps.

Backgrounds are the toughest. One never knows what not enough and too much. There are so many treatments I find. Sometimes I leave it to the colorist to stab on minimal lines, not even blackings. Other times I put lots of shadows. I think it's how you make sense of the scene. For me I like to show backgrounds but sometimes it pollutes the scenes. I'm still exploring it myself up till now. Haha. You're doing a great job with it. awesome!

Keep up the good work artsnake. I saw your website and you got some cool arts there.
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