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I have use scketchbook a very little bit. The gimp I have used a lot. It is very good but is more like a Photoshop type brush engine. You can use Photoshop brushes with it.
Mypaint and Krita are more painting or drawing programs like Scketchbook or Clipart Studio.
Mypaint is so simple and nice to use and free that every one should try it.
Krita is much more complicated but has pretty much every thing you might need for digital painting and is free also.

I use a new layer when I am doing some thing like a new texture over something like a building so I can fiddle with just the texture and not have to worry bout the bass lines.

On the backgrounds black spotting is much more fun in digital because you put it on and take it off so I find my self going back and forth till I find a nice balance.
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