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I'm a little confused by #9 -- what's the aesthetic and/or functional purpose of the middle four panels, where the three to the right are identical? Is it just to give the impression of movement through the tunnel? If so, couldn't this have been better accomplished by having something on the wall that the light is hitting change slightly in each panel? Personally I think that page works with only the first and last panels but maybe I'm missing something obvious...[/QUOTE]

This plays out like a scary movie for me. If they were to leave just the two panels, I think a great opportunity for creating mounting tension would have been wasted, and the encounter would not have been as frightening. By putting the same picture up several times it allows the reader's mind to start the process of wondering if something's out there, and draws out the scariness of being alone in the dark on a bike in a tunnel. As I'm looking at this, I'm putting myself in that scene going, "Oh, great. A freaking tunnel. You can do this..... not so bad, there's nothing, just a tunnel, not so bad HOLY CRAP!" That wait before the bad guy jumps out is terrifying.
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