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I hit "Submit" too early, I wanted to talk about these two pages:
and tie them into the "simple tricks" talk.

Notice how on page 16 there are no panel borders. You have two of the Endless, Dream and Death, having a conversation. There is still implied movement of time and implied panels, but no real defined panels. That's because these character are endless, time is meaningless to them, when they talk, it's as if they talk out of time. What is a minute-long conversation when you were there before the beginning and will be there past the end?

It may seem like I'm reaching but do you know how to tell that it's a deliberate technique? Because on page 17, when a human enters the picture, they become confined to well-defined panels. They are back in our time stream, they are being seen from the perspective of a mortal, someone for whom time has meaning.

You should all go back and read over your old comics. Not YOUNGBLOOD #1, I'm talking about BONE or SANDMAN or WE 3 or WATCHMEN - something with some heft to it. And pay attention to the gutters and pay attention to the feelings they may have, at once, subconsciously brought about. You may be surprised at what you find.

As I said in the past, WATCHMEN is required reading when I teach. Everything in that book is so deliberate, it's an example of technical perfection in comic booking. You should reread that book and study every panel and every gutter and you'll learn more than I can ever teach you.
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