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Originally Posted by jrod
Panel size or gutter size? Because both can really do the job. So can simple tricks like breaking panels, full bleeds, and insets - time is your to play with in comics and there are so many techniques you can use to lead the reader's perception of time.
Panel size was what I meant to say. Interesting analysis of the Sandman panels too. Weirdly enough I was just looking at a page of the script from Sandman #17 and you're right, it is a conscious decision on Gaiman's part. There are specific instructions within the panel descriptions concerning panel borders, etc.

Edit: I've recently been trying to not only read comics but take them apart and analyze them (something I'm quite adept at doing with movies, thank you unfinished film degree!). I spent a few hours last week going through issue 1 of Y The Last man and writing down panel choices, shot choices, panel counts etc for every page. I even tried to analyze plot strands (Vaughan would start with Yorick/Beth introduce a new character then flip back to Yorick/Beth before introducing another character, and so on).

There was an interview with Kurt Busiek recently where he says that he would do something similar with issues of Spider-Man, deconstructing them and trying to gauge pace and timing and why certain things worked and others didn't etc. It's annoying me now because I can't find the damn link!
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