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Thanks for the information!

I'll certainly give Comixology a try when I'm ready. As I see it, this comic is under construction. Even though I post a lot of finished pages, I may go back and change things with the art or production, as seen in this thread. I just let people watch as I'm building this thing. There will be a point when I won't change things anymore for a set of chapters or a whole book, and once I'm at that point, I will concentrate more on my promotion. I don't want to concentrate too heavily on promoting and selling stuff that may become obsolete due to changes.

Also, as it is now, there is only so much time in a day and creating the comic is such an endeavor that it takes up a lot of my concentration. I don't want to spread myself way thin by tackling tons of promotional stuff at this point, because that's a whole job in and of itself, but this is very useful information.

I'm familiar with the sites you listed. I don't know of any Facebook groups in particular, though. If you don't mind me asking, what groups do you use to promote your comic? And it's good to hear your numbers have been going up. I've also been seeing a rise in interest for my project as the story unfolds, which is exciting!
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