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Originally Posted by Scribbly View Post
I think the big anomaly, treat or catastrophe should be up to each author to decide.
WE already have characters to pick up and each character has its own powers and MO.

The premise should be: The superhero XXX saved the day from such XXX catastrophe.
To have all the stories connected by the same catastrophe or event would imply the making of each episode as part of
a general common plot for the whole book, walking away from the SELF CONCLUSIVE stories concept and this would slow down the ultimate resolution.

I think the goal is to play and bring back to life these FORGOTTEN Public Domain characters or the combination of some of then.


Mowgli and Sherlock Holmes against the Blue Zombies in Bangkok.
Or Captain Spark and The Black Spectra fighting against the invasion of Alien robots, or
Sheena and Mantra against the Ring of drug and sex traffickers, or
The Thunder and Magic boy against the Cybernetic Computer Hackers from Vilsvania.

Then get all these individual stories together in the same MASH book and BAAING !!!
this can work. does anyone have any issues with doing this?

like ive said, I PERSONALLY like the idea of SOME kind of story-connecting element, just so it feels like its SORTA all linked somehow. (like the hellboy portal jumping element)

but it does not have to. we all just doing our own individual stories is perfectly fine and can be lots of fun. I would be on board for this if everyone else is.
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