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Colorist Needed PAID work

My name is Bell. This is for Paid work. I was a ghostwriter for several years writing genre novels and have some college education. I've saved money for years to produce my own creator owned comic.

Payment: Paypal or bank transfer, I prefer PP.

Work Dates: Work would start Mid-September.

The pages are complicated and my artist and I will, by September, have spent 5 months working on the double issue Prologue. Iím willing, and want to, discuss realistic timeframes to color the pages comfortably and in a high-quality manner. Iíd like to have everything done by December 1st but, weíll see. We're putting everything into this, gotta make it count.

Rate: I want to hire a published professional colorist and I donít know what the industry standard rate is, it seems to be wildly varying between $25-300 so I hesitate to name a price here that might chase away a possible awesome colorist. I will ballpark around $165 a page depending on the quality of your art and your work history. Iím open to discuss it, same with discussing pay dates. I am able to pay 50% upfront.

Work: 48 pages and a cover.

Itís a complicated ridiculously detailed science fiction world. I do feel the pages are going to take longer to color than most, Iím willing to adjust dates but I really donít want to linger too far into December.

Other: Iím a bit fussy. I have specific wants for how certain characters look and will provide a script and character information about their colors. Iíd like to connect with someone able to back-and-forth with me initially to make sure the characters are how I want them. I have a color calibrated monitor so we should be as close as possible to both be seeing the same thing, I actually bought a calibrator thinger-majig for this reason because I was having issue with saying lavender and then everything ended up magenta and I was mortified. Never again.

I have ideas about how Iíd like it colored but Iíll be the first to say, I donít know anything about coloring comics and I want the artistic eye and talent of an artist. My idea is a high key matte almostÖ watercolor-like manner. The overall tone of the series is diminishing, itís somber, and I donít think the highly saturated, punchy, glossy usually comic-book look suits it but Iím open to any changes/advice from you.

Iíd prefer we have a formal contract signed for this, including a NDA. Iím willing to pay something down to confirm the work since I know I am hiring a few months in the future. I can show you some of the pages in private e-mails to see if you connect with the images.

The first contract would be for 48 pages and a cover, if we work well together I will be producing another 7 issues for certain and would love to keep working with you.

Iím probably forgetting something >.<;

Please e-mail me:
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