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Originally Posted by Scribbly View Post
What I was suggesting for you, as exercise of style, is to use the plot for your long story and work each fragment of the story as it were an individual short story itself with its own introduction conflict and resolution.
That's all.
This is essentially the same advice I picked up from a book that dealt with constructing comic stories of different lengths. One of the methods described was the 5WH method. You ask/answer who, when, where (setup), what, why (conflict/motivation), how it went (resolution). Do that once and it's a short story. String enough of those together and it's a long story.

What sort of short stories do you enjoy? What made those work? I'd recommend sampling short stories in various media--don't limit yourself to comics--to see what makes them tick. The interesting thing is you can compare and contrast how the same author approaches both formats (e.g. Stephen King).
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