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@gmartyt: Thanks for the tip!

@Dave: You're awesome. Thanks for the advice and example! And while I've never played WoW, I'm a big enough nerd to understand the reference. Your short story cracks me up.

@Rin: Haven't seen these Future Shock stories, and I've no idea what you're talking about. I'll check it out. You've given some great tips, both here and in the challenge thread. Thanks for that.

@engcheedraws: Wow, thanks for going through the extra effort of going through my little brainstorm ideas! I think I'm getting a better idea of how to approach things, now.

@Scrappy: I think probably part of my problem is that I really haven't read many shorts in general, let alone find many that I've liked. I sit there with an idea and think, "Well, I'm not happy with the brevity here, therefore no one else will be happy with it". Your example regarding the two friends who now hate each other is good, and I do use tactics to imply background in my story (rather than beating folk over the head with it), but what if the story was ABOUT two friends who come to hate each other? How much do you show, and how much do you leave out? I guess that's my tripping point.

@Marta: I like to write big worlds with big issues, and have the story focus on multiple characters, each with their own deeper subplots. This is my undoing.

@HDMe: Absolutely. This is why I never go anywhere without my editors. Writers love words.

@Scribbly: Ah, I think I get what you're saying, now! Any exercise to help me improve is a good one. Thanks for the tip.

@B-McKinley & Max Romaine: Great tips. Like I mentioned to Scrappy, I haven't found many short stories that I like. I've picked up a number of those "best short stories" collections, and found that I don't like the majority of them. I'll like the world, or a character, but the story leaves me wondering how people can read that and be satisfied. This might be a case of me just needing to absorb more short stories.

I posted my short story to the writing challenge Steven created. You guys are more than welcome to tear it up if you're so inclined. I'm here to learn.

Thanks so much for chiming in, everyone!
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