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Originally Posted by SSTiger View Post
So why are you so sure that he was intentionally trying to make you look bad out of some deliberate malice? Because it's not like he named you or anything and you didn't look bad until you jumped in and "derailed the thread" into a personal argument.
I'm guessing he had to mention it as a disclaimer for the quality of his pages (his words not mine) otherwise why not just say someone backed out and leave it at he did in the original thread when he did mention me by name having backed out. It was no big deal then cause that is what happened. It didn't require embellishment.

"Bruised egos are a terrible thing. Sheesh."
Indeed. Someone challenges the validity of your claim that "someone was supposed to draw them but backed out at the last minute. so I did all 4 of these pages in a single night. which is why they suck so much." and you don't seem to take it well.
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