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in some pics..

Originally Posted by Fromis9ine View Post
Thanks you sir for your recommendation
but the artist that you link does not suits for my particular style ( i prefer someone in comic related fields )
some that i like is
-Yang Kyung Il who draw the Devil's Island Comic and Blade Of The Phantom Master (korean based artist)
-Zhihui Deng who draw manhwa "Feng Sheng Ji" and also Journey To The West (chinese based artist)
those are the particular that i like, who draw detailed and using brush ink a lot.
but thanks for your recommendation, im happy to see something new
...have done some crosshatching. In the closeup in the last pic the horse hair is very lovely. The crosshatching adds some darker areas but my criticism is some of the armor does not look metallic. The last 2 pics are probably the best looking work.
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