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I don't know if there is other conversations going on about this project that I haven't seen.. but the last bit that I heard that sounded like a good idea was the project being done using PUBLIC DOMAIN characters.. which we could then in turn alter up to be more interesting if we so chose to.

the reason for this was that...with the HELLBOY project, it came out so good and so many people put together such great work, we talked about how great it would be to be able to print the book up and have copies. but obviously that's not an option with that one. but with Public Domain..if we end up putting together another really GOOD book like the Hellboy one.. we can print copies. maybe we could crowd fund a kickstarter and put copies into the hands of people that are interested. it just give us more options without the looming threat of legal action from using owned characters.

just a thought....
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