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Originally Posted by eDuke View Post
Please don't let this die.
I agree. I just thought since the last one just got finished, people might want a breather. BUT..that doesn't mean people cant talk ideas about what to do.

honestly..thats the biggest coming up with an idea that is interesting enough that everyone will want to be involved in. that's why I think the set up of the last one..where the character gets sent to wherever the writer decides, makes for all kinds of interesting ideas.

and sorta like Jeff CHRIS says...using public domain characters might be a way to that we CAN print up books if we so choose...and put all our names on it. do a crownfunder thing if we want.

everyone did such a good job on the HELLBOY thing... I really want to see printed books of that even just for us creators on the book (which could still be an option...we were discussing it..)

but yeah...maybe we should consider using characters that don't have legal ownership hindering us.


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