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I'm going give the challenge question a try.

I think there are three ways to make it not into a moving panel. First, we could add motion lines tracing the characters path across the room and up the table.

The second option would be to use ghosting.

However, I feel that these two wouldn't really fit the story. Mostly if it's a one and done deal, it would stand out too much against the rest of the story, which contains no such visual action. I would be more focused on wondering if the monkey suddenly had super speed. But that's just me.

My final suggestion would be placing the camera in the rafters, where the monkey is jumping and reaching towards. The monkey would be in a full body shot, mid jump, in the extreme foreground. I'd keep one of his legs in a curved, almost straight line which would lead directly to the table he is jumping off of. It would be behind him and in mid topple. In the background the other monkeys arm would still be outstretched, as if he still did not have time to move.

For this setup to work, the previous panel should establish the direction he is heading and show that the table he will jump off has not yet been over turned.

Ultimately, it would be challenging in any of these suggestions to fit all the detail in a ten panel page. The biggest panel you could get would be roughly 3x4 inches. I would think it would have to be very simplified to read clearly.


Ryan Kroboth
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