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ok... on to issue 2. there was lots of great art in issue 1, but people really stepped it up in issue2. and to start...

[COLOR="Red"these pages I don't think I have ever shown before..from the badass artist GRENDEL. he was doing a whole opening to the book based on how the previous book ended with magneto talking with the Skrulls. that leads to involving a more..galactic response. especially considering the powers one specific individual has in the xmen group. the artist worked on these off and on for quite a while and was sending me screenshots as he did them. they looked amazing and I wish we were able to see them 100% completed, but he had other things as well do come up. still..the amount of skill and effort he put in looks so great. I'm not sure if I put these in the correct order cause they weren't lettered in these WIP stages they were sent to me as. still...just look at this stuff. gah..[][/COLOR]

My art here...for anyone that wants to see..
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