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Originally Posted by Nico_arcu92 View Post
So, has there been a topic for giving availability on this project?
I've been on here for three years, but really want to be much more part of the community, I'm already on board for the DW3, but this looks really fun too.
As far as the PD characters go, I feel they lend themselves to all kinds of stuff. Meta-narrative also.
These are old, forgotten characters, who once stood for something, and now need a new life, in an historical period where heroes (real life ones) seem to have totally disappeared, leaving us only with the ones who are products of our imagination.
Why not make a story about that?
So many roads to go down.
Iím with Nico, Iíve been apart of DigitalWebbing for about five years and Iíve always wanted to contribute to a group project like this one and DWP3 (which according to Rob weíll have to wait awhile to work on). I think the idea of working with public domain characters has a lot of potential though I also support Morganzaís idea of doing something original. Whatever you eventually settle on though, Iíd love to contribute a few pages of my artwork (if youíll have me of course). Like Ed said, donít let this idea die.
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