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Uh oh. The last post I made was an accident. I posted the wrong version of that image. The real one is different. The first one had wonky railing in the background. I guess it will be somewhat interesting to compare:

To give this post a bit more substance, here is another work in progress page. This is a redraw of a page in chapter 1. There are things about my previous effort that bug me, so it's getting redone:

Just for fun, here's the previous version. I suppose to give you some insight into my psychology, I can go over it and explain why the page is being redrawn.

I don't like my haphazard panel borders. A.C. Cooper's tricep area could be done better. I feel I was very lazy about establishing my setting. It might not be terrible, and it's clear that I establish the setting, which is much better than a lot of other people, but I know I can do a much better job than that, and drawing cool settings is very important to me. The old page was also done on cheaper paper, which wasn't terrible, but not as good as what I use now (Strathmore 500 series Vellum), and I've grown to appreciate more that paper is the most important aspect of art supplies, especially if you're coloring on it. The old one also just lacks a polish and cleanliness that I do much more these days, but I do think the page is certainly presentable:

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