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Originally Posted by TimR View Post
I think, imo, aim less at being photo real, and more at developing one's own stylized visual language. I think it's fine as is for non-artist readers, who probably can't even see issues with it. For artists, it's "too close" to realism, without QUITE being there... Whereas if it accepted that it's comic art, and just not worry about realism, it would seem more error free.
If anyone can make sense of my ramblings, lol
that makes a lot of sense actually. my ultimate goal is not Alex ross level or anything. I would like to end up with a fun dynamic style that shows my influences of early 90's comic art but telling stories that re more than just pin up art. MArc Silvestri is actually someone that does that the best when given the right kind of story to draw. and hes a much better artist than some would give him credit for. they would only see the big flashy stuff but not pay attention to the fact that he is actually an incredibly talented draftman in every respect.
I just have a lot of learning to do.

another thing that I think is hurting these pages (beyond my skills in lots of areas) is that like I was saying, I was NOT excited for these pages at all in any I had to find ways to make it fun for me. and there wasn't anything all that exciting to draw. for ME, I want my comics to be full of fun exciting action and adventure that is really well drawn and fun to look at. and books with cops talking to each a movie or tv show..isn't viually FUN to look at or draw. now...a better artist..guys I Silvestri..or Adam Hughes, or Travis Charest can make anything look amazing.

either way.. I appreciate your feedback, I really do value it.

My art here...for anyone that wants to see..
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