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Hello, I’m Jesse “Cadre” Hansen and I am not only the founder/CEO and fellow member but also represent a studio of talented and experienced sequential artists. We have well over 40 years of experience and professional credits under our collective belts. We’ve worked with comic book and gaming companies large and small including Marvel, DC, Image, Disney, Games Workshop, Capcom, Blizzard, Wizards of the Coast and many more. Over the years we’ve have seen and done just about everything there is to do in the comic book industry.

We are Cornerstone Creative Studios.

All that being said, a bit about me personally…

I have been published in over 90 comics, magazines, gaming project and periodicals including Cracked Magazine as well as being a professional Commercial Artist since 1994.

Here is my personal portfolio link to look over, hoping you like what you see and we may work together in some capacity very very soon.

Rates vary for each stage of production as well as the amount of embellishment needed and artist in which I work with if any... listed rates below give the average and I negotiate from that starting point pending multiple factors and budgets:

Standard Rates Per Sequential Page:

Pencils: $75-$150
Inks: $35-$75
Colors: $55-$75
Letters: $10-$25

Standard Starting rate for Comic Covers to be Published

Pencils: $75-$250.00
Inks: $50-$150
Colors: $55-$125


BUST SHOT - :: From head to torso.
Tight Pencils only - US $40
Pencils with Inks - US $75
Pencils w/ Inks w/ Colors - US $120

Tight Pencils only - US $75
Pencils with Inks - US $125
Pencils w/ Inks w/ Colors - US $185

• Both MEDIUM SHOT and FULL SHOT will features from none to minimum background images, and single character features only.•

* Cover Recreations (inks): Reg. $125
* Character Pinups (pencils) Reg. $50-$110
* Character Pinups (+ inks) Reg. Additional $35-$75
* Inks over another pencillers work: Reg. $35-$125

$300 per character ($150 per character pending contract fulfilled with us on board, otherwise remaining difference of balance is to be billed accordingly)

Price includes: design, pencils, inks and colors standalone plus action pose shot.


Jesse Hansen
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