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Originally Posted by Scribbly
This is the same for the artists.
It cost money and time for them too.
The difference is that if artists rely on others to deal with their wrongly sized pages, they are wasting not only that other person's time, they're wasting theirs as well.

With missing bleed art, the resized page has to go back to the artist and they have to go into Photoshop to wing it digitally. If pages are totally out of whack, it'll have to be their final decision how to rework panels, or in the worst case scenario they have to redraw entire pages.

Even if all pages are correctly sized and you just need to rely on a simple Photoshop action to output printsize pages, relying on others holds up the production chain: Either the colorist or the letterer has to wait until the other guy has found the time to do it and send them on.

Resizing pages right after they've been scanned in and cleaned up is the most efficient way to go about it.
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