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Tara will become famous soon enoughTara will become famous soon enough

Thanks for this, JRod! This is an awesome idea! Iím going to give this a shot:

Picture 1-- A lone birch tree lies cleanly cut down in the undergrowth of a forest, surrounded by the fallen yellowed leaves of autumn.

Picture 5-- A team of firefighters in full gear climbs over massive amounts of debris as they approach what remains of a skyscraper after a tornado. The structure still stands but the building has been ripped open, exposing the different levels. The contents of the many floors spill dangerously over the ledges.

Picture 9-- A mixed crowd of well-dressed young adults mingles at an indoor/outdoor home party. A blonde woman in a short, lavender dress speaks casually with a naked alien creature. No one pays them any unusual attention, as if itís normal. The creature is several inches shorter than the woman, with reddish-brown skin. He has short, human-like hair on his head a few shades darker than his body. He has a thin, broad mouth, a protruding belly, wide, flat feet, and long, lanky arms, legs and fingers.
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