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Michael: Thanks for the kind words! I didn't think open space was necessarily bad, either. Not familiar with Tim Truman's work. I'll have to check him out sometime.

Charles: Thank you! Glad you like my art, sir. It's not that I dislike doing backgrounds. I actually enjoy drawing trees, landscapes and old buildings. But I don't feel the need to put a background in unless it somehow positively accents what I'm drawing, particularly with a portrait or character study. In such a case, I feel the character is everything and a background, unless it enhances the presence of the character in a way that their countenance alone cannot, isn't really needed. Sequentials are another matter, of course. You are absolutely right about the lack of sequential work (save for the Ellis D. comic) and that's one of the reasons I'm working on the project I'm doing now. Hope to have those ready to show in the near future.

However, the lack of superhero related work isn't accidental. While I love the sequential art medium, I stopped caring about superheroes by the time I was twenty. I'm forty-one now and, while I respect what the creators of superhero books have done for the comics world, my tastes have moved on.
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