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8 page cop story

so a few months back a friend asked me to draw a story for him. this was written by James Hudnall. a guy that's been published by the big 2 and some others.

this story is a modern day setting cop story that is a retelling of sorts of the robin hood fable. and English cop hires on in a small town and the sheriff is a corrupt dick.. etc etc etc...

so I agreed to do these first 8 pages with no commitment to any more. but I guess there was some assumption that I would want or be able to draw the whole thing, and honestly, I wasn't interested. doing this real world stuff..with cops and cars and all this stuff..this takes me a LONG time to do. its hard and its not exactly fun. especially if I'm not that interested in the story in the first place. it just wasn't anything that was keeping my attention in the further scripts that I read. and I did this all for free. so..with me having extreme desires to finish my own stuff and not work on something that doesn't really interest me, I told him I wasn't gonna do the rest of it..which again I never said I was going to anyway. and apparently it cost me our friendship because he never wrote me back at all..saying that sucks or good luck or eff off or anything. kind of a shame cause we were working together or almost 6 years off and on by this point.

oh well... ANYway..this is what I did. there is some stuff I like. there at obvious things I fucked up. I have a lot to learn and figure out. but I was really trying here. really trying to do my best.

the basic plot is new cop is introduced on page 1 contrasted with the bad sheriff guy. then the sheriff picks up the new guy and drives him around town showing him the sites and running across some some of the people. it ends with the sheriff trying to have the new guy killed in an "accident". so...give it a look. I hope it makes some sense.

My art here...for anyone that wants to see..
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