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Building an Audience for my new comic: Beckoning Of Aetherius

Hi everyone. My new comic book, Beckoning Of Aetherius, is one that I feel that the world needs in these political times. With so many extremist views
that popular audiences have, I think we need more stories that have a more balanced, honest view of human behavior.

I believe that Beckoning Of Aetherius does exactly that. It's a sci-fi fantasy which starts off more drama focused. My first chapter called, The Feminist Part 1,
focuses on two women who have a disagreement on what it means to be an authentic person. This is very important because of what happens
in chapter 15.

This comic book series is not about being divisive. It's about bringing people together, and sometimes tough talks about reality need to be had in order to realize that we're all human.

The series is more of a sci-fi fantasy that uses a few moments of modern hot topics to make it feel more believable. To make the characters feel more real.

This is the first book that's fully completed, and on sale now. I'm growing my audience and I would love it if you'd join me on the adventure of pushing back a little against what I feel is dishonest story telling.

If you like this first chapter, and you'd like to see the rest of the series, and more, created, please support me by:

- giving your positive review of the book here.
- telling your friends about the book.
- sharing the links to the book.
- buy the physical book, or the ebook.

You can read my book for free here:

You can buy the physical print, or the ebook version, here:

Email me so I can give you more art from the art and sketch books, and update you with info and early images of chapter 2, here:

Below are a few pages of the book including the front cover art, and concept art created for the book.

Please, check it out, discuss, and if you like, show others. The more people who like and/or buy chapter 1, the more I can finish the series and provide chapter 2, 3, etc. Thank you all!

Cover Art:

A page from the book:

Another page from the book:

Concept art of one of the main characters:

Another page from the book:

An expressions art page of one of the main characters:

A concept page of one of the characters:

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