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artofene - hey thanks a lot! I'm so glad you like the story and art. Yes I wrote and illustrated the book. It means a lot that you enjoyed the story! The big super hero moments happen later in the story, which I designed this way to see if I can first make the conversations between characters interesting and believable first, before introducing the action themes. I felt that by doing this, when the sci-fantasy / action scenes begin, those scenes will have a lot more weight.

This is exciting! The more my audience grows, the more I can finish the rest of the series. I just have to make sure there are enough people who would want to read it, and buy it. Cheers!

Thanks artsnake!

Thanks pandayboss!

Also, for everyone who likes this, email me here:
This way, I can send you some images from the artbook and sketch book, and update you with previews of chapter 2.
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