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Originally Posted by CJAnderson View Post
To those who read this, I'm announcing that I'm cancelling the comic series.

I just learned that in my first full month of having my comic on sale, only sold 3, lol. It was worth a try.

I had a lot of fun writing this, creating the art, promoting it and meeting so many great people. My hope was to see if I could reach a big enough audience, but it appears that either I failed at reaching them, or this audience doesn't exist.

I learned a very valuable lesson which is understanding what I'm good at, versus what I'm terrible at. I clearly suck at writing and story telling, so no more of that haha! I will keep the art and links up for everyone who enjoys the visuals. I will also probably continue posting more concept art from the comic.

Yeah, promoting art online is work. It looks like you only started posting online to your social media channels in January 2021 from what I can see. You could be posting a whole lot more frequently to share your work online. At least a post a day, to all your social media channels.

And you've got to get your own website. It's 2021, for Pete's sake! Who doesn't have a website ??
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