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Originally Posted by pandayboss View Post
You definitely have the talent to write it and to do really good art at that. When an artist created a story, wrote it and drew/painted it, I believe it's good. Because, it's done like a film reel in the creator's imagination. When readers see that, it's the best of both worlds for them. You did a VERY good job!!

I've been creating my own projects based on my drawings/sketches but I'm no writer. So I've sought out writers and when I brought the project to them, they loved to them for me.

I wish you great success in the near future!
100% agree with Pandayboss. If that chpt2 is meant to come out, it's because CJAnderson just absolutely has to see it be made. It's like the idea of this second issue not coming to fruition will drive CJ crazy. And thats' because you pretty much have to be crazy to be a comic book artist. You gotta burn for this stuff, the desire to tell stories in a series of sequential art pages has to be in your blood to make it a reality. Because that's what it takes, really. And there's no guarantee, but if you're good with that, it's all roses

But, it's also ok to decide that "this" didn't work, and move on to something else. The next project, product, or storyline. There's also value in failing really fast. At the end of the day, you have a finished story here, the first chapter, and that's pretty impressive. Building a series is something that shows commitment on your part as the creator. If you make more of these comics, you show that you're going somewhere. And, if you want followers, you gotta show them where you're headed. You know, give them a place to follow you to
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