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I'm not talking about forcibly defenestrating them from kickstarter. I'm just saying in the name of fair play and giving unknowns a chance, they should voluntarily recuse themselves from kickstarter. Even if it doesn't take dollars away, it takes away website real estate and attention. If the people supporting them are their own fanbase, then they can raise the money on their own website. They wouldn't do that, (ask their fans for money on their own website) because it would look flat out gross. And to me, it's no less gross for being on kickstarter. It's famous rich people asking for money from unknown, not-rich people.

And to make a pedantic, technical point, there is a finite supply of money on kickstarter because there's a finite amount of money in the world. Even if only 17% of people are repeat backers, I don't want any of their money going to people who don't really need it.

I suppose I'm just too much of a progressive for this. In the case of the video game companies I've seen do this, the people going to kickstarter are literally millionaires. They're millionaires, and they're panhandling. It makes me want to get my torch and my pitchfork, quite frankly.
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