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SSTiger will become famous soon enough

I'm discussing another story with DavidNH, and it's pretty cool... if we manage to get it right, it'll blow your minds. Not kidding.

I wanted to ask - the way I'm scripting both my shorts, Hellboy's cracking a few (subtle) meta-references about the portal and the dimensions he's being pulled through. He's also expecting the portal to show up and is ready for it. I figure we could put the two stories towards the end, which would explain why he's getting used to the situation a bit. Does that work?

And a suggestion about the name thing: Since every person/team is working on their own story, why not do a proper credits panel for each short, like they do in published anthologies? I named both my stories, too ("HELLBOY & HULK: MONSTERS", and "THE DEMON'S WHISPER"). I picked one splash panel in each and put the title and credits in. That way it's easy to keep track of who did what.

Maybe we could even do a proper Contents Page in the Beginning. Nothing fancy - just the title of each short and the name of the person/team that did it.

Hey, if we're doing this, why not go all out.
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