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Originally Posted by SSTiger View Post
I'm discussing another story with DavidNH, and it's pretty cool... if we manage to get it right, it'll blow your minds. Not kidding.

I wanted to ask - the way I'm scripting both my shorts, Hellboy's cracking a few (subtle) meta-references about the portal and the dimensions he's being pulled through. He's also expecting the portal to show up and is ready for it. I figure we could put the two stories towards the end, which would explain why he's getting used to the situation a bit. Does that work?

And a suggestion about the name thing: Since every person/team is working on their own story, why not do a proper credits panel for each short, like they do in published anthologies? I named both my stories, too ("HELLBOY & HULK: MONSTERS", and "THE DEMON'S WHISPER"). I picked one splash panel in each and put the title and credits in. That way it's easy to keep track of who did what.

Maybe we could even do a proper Contents Page in the Beginning. Nothing fancy - just the title of each short and the name of the person/team that did it.

Hey, if we're doing this, why not go all out.
I think its fine if everyone wants to put their own “title” on their story. It makes sense. But i also want the title for the whole book on the cover.

We can space out placement of the twins stories no problem. The portal hellboy is in is something he was forced into and cant control, but i did throw in a small element that he does that disrupts the randomness of the portal which leads indirectly to it sending him different places. So conceivably it could be less chaotic the more jumps he makes.

And I love the idea of a proper inside cover credits page. If someone knows how to make one that looks good. Cause i sure dont.
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