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For some, dreams are where they build this world. And in waking moments, they wait until their dreams align with what is perceived as reality. Some call it deja vu. It's recognition that spans time and dimension with abstract laws of development.

We all have that secret eye. The one that knows that reality is specific to the individual perceiver. That the construct is an ironic jest of our sub-humor. It's a sick and twisted creation that's scorned by the powerlessness of being shared with others and the fear of death if one were to claim dominance. There is where the psychopath tyrant lies waiting to go on a killing spree and have the world bow at its feet.

There are many in denial of a sinister plot of keeping dreamers powerless. They think that if they participate to the level of dutiful that their rewards were earned, and those that didn't comply as they did deserve squalor. Those are the loyal minions with judgement as their shield, completely blind to the truth and unable to really dream.

Still... there are other paths. Determining one's own is a torturous journey, but it's not impossible. The corruption of this world thinks that it can make any attempts to stand against it be forgotten and annihilated. It's time to change that. It's time to change that dream.

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