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Originally Posted by DubbJJart View Post
Matt is giving the best advice here. Be yourself and learn that there are 100's of people that go through these forums so they can hear themselves speak.

As far as the work. Practice, practice, practice. Learn, learn, learn.
Decent foundation here just need to stay the course and dont forget to master the basics.

Good luck
That's true. A thing to keep in mind is that while there are a lot of helpful tips to be found, it's important to remember that just because someone says something, doesn't always mean there is actually something 'wrong' with that particular aspect of your work, or that it needs addressing. A perceived flaw is not necessarily always a flaw.

For example, if you want to draw a Green Lantern with a crow bar, have at it. You can make that interesting. Personally, I think if you make every single construct very elaborate, it may look like you're trying too hard or over doing it. A Lantern doesn't need to make a whose-it-what's-it or a giant mecha just to perform a simple task. And given the context of the situation in the art presented here, I feel some really elaborate thing would be out of place. Plus, mostly everyone knows a crow bar and what it's for. If you were to make a complicated mass driver to open a door instead, it would just... eat up attention that it probably shouldn't.

I've had it told to me that I "need" to listen to people when they say something, implying I need to follow through with some action. I'll listen to what I feel is useful, but sometimes it seems people say stuff just to say stuff, and if you get hung up on a bunch of tiny inconsequential things, like, for example, that you (OP) may have left the trim and bleed clear above one panel on page 3) or on EVERYONE's opinion, you will never get anything done. I can assure you that 99% of your readers won't really care about that, or even pay it any note whatsoever.
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