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Chewy Noh

Hi guys! My twin brother lives in South Korea. He is a teacher there and one day was showing a student creative writing techniques. They both sat down and started brainstorming their own ideas. My brother came up with one that he turned into a novel that his kids love reading.

Knowing that I've been working on my own independent comic for a few years, he brought it up to me, to see if I wanted to help him turn this story into a graphic novel. I think it has potential. I've finished the nearly 300 page roughs and have completed the first 22 pages.

I just want to say, the people that visit this forum have always been constructive and have created one of the most welcoming community of artists. That's why I keep coming back. And why I attempt to give as well thought out criticism of my own to individuals who want input.

At most, thank you for reading our story. If you have any thoughts, even better. Let me know what you think.

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