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What's up Liam! I really enjoy new discovering new artist trying to find their way in to the funny pages. First off nice work, your situational composition and vision frame by frame is high level even though it needs work. Art work on a whole is promising but need a lot of improvement.
Now even though we all love comics you have to remember the medium is cascading downward due to the digital age and paid comic book work is maintained mostly by the vets.. hell even Jim Lee has been sidelined. So you may want to land your self a self sustaining gig and level up your art at the same time so at least you are earning with your art and not working at a job you dislike.
The best way to do that is Gnomon or Kubert
Here is the link. or

I had this same convo with a friend of mine in 2009. He went to Daves School for a year and then got job placement assistance... and although he didnt end up in comics he ended up working on the walking dead show and cw arrow verse designing... so at the vry least you would be in the art world and can navigate from there.

That Gnomon course will give you all the tools you need for comics so will Kubert. As a matter of fact I believe one of Gnomons instructors is David Finch.

If you go the route of self study you will need more than a year.
If you spend all your time refining and learning even for 6 months you then have to shop your portfolio around and the only way to do that is the Cons which are only once a year... and Im not sure but I believe only New York, Texas, and San Diego Con will look at portfolios for DC and Marvel.

Apply that to no industry experience that will make shopping your portfolio very hard and longer than a year. That brings me to possible solutions for you if you are unable to get to Gnomon or Kubert to get comics to notice you. (Warning you will get no sleep so stock up on REDBULL)

1- Take 3 months and upgrade your work as much as you can not with comic book art but with real life art people, faces, anatomy, lighting, and environments. downloads reference and draw the piece several times in a day to get automatic with the subject matter.

2- Take the next 6 months- select a famous comicbook story and panel it in your own fashion. Also take some time to make singular iconic splash work of you favorite characters. Post this work to your social media often aim for 3 posts or more per day. Gain an online following. As a matter of fact post all of your work as a progression diary.

3- Your last 3 months - begin shopping your work to who you can. If you are able to, looking into getting a talent agent as that is really the only way to get into comics now unless someone in comics recommends you or you become phenomenal. Remember to pencil then ink your work. and display both because most cb houses now require their artists to pencil and ink their own work.


Good Luck!
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